The Registered Voters Contribution Amendment

I think we need a Constitutional Amendment to begin taking the money and influence of our elected officials from the lobbyists for the big money interests. The 99 percenters need a doable goal if they want a fundamental change to the way we’re governed.

Registered Voters Contributions Amendment

Given the United States Supreme Court’s recent decisions regarding political contributions, I believe we need a Constitutional Amendment that only permits voters registered for a given election to make contributions of money, labor, or anything else of value to politicians and political campaigns.

Passage of that Amendment would make elected officials more accountable to the voters they represent and their own conscience rather than to the special interests that currently hold sway, and restore our government to one that’s of the people, by the people, and for the people. Perhaps this idea could become the rallying cry of the American movement that was in the streets protesting against the misdeeds of Wall Street.

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