"None of the above" election option

The two party system dominates our government. The voters only have 3 choices: "do not vote" or vote for one of the two candidates. People who do not want any of the candidates have no say in the vote. Give them a non-cost option. Add an option for "None of the above" to all ballots. If "None of the above" receives the majority of votes, then all current candidates can not participate in the "run off" election. Parties are given a limited time to choose a new candidate (e.g one month). Campaigns are allow to proceed once all candidates are identified. The campaign is limited to 4 weeks, before the election is conducted. If "none of the above" wins again, a "care-taker office holder" is appointed. The "care-take office holder" can not run for the office. He/she holds the office until someone wins the election.

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