Ethically Based Foundations for Global Democracy

The great diversity across world culture shares a common unity of purpose through an overarching virtuous foundation conducive to global economic cooperation and inclusiveness. Although each culture chiefly favors its own ethical traditions, the unprecedented introduction of a newly devised grand-unified synthesis of the major groupings of virtues and values dramatically accentuates such a shared ethical heritage, including many themes crucial to democratic governance: such as liberty, justice, peace, and equality. This grand-scale unification encompasses the major groupings of virtues, values, and ideals revered the world over, organized as an ascending motivational hierarchy of personal, group, universal, humanitarian, and transcendental authority perspectives. This hierarchy is further based upon a behavioral foundation within the realm of instrumental conditioning permitting a secularly-based scientific validation crucial to democratic governance of nation states, as well as applications to world governing bodies such as the United Nations. This systematic organization further permits the construction of the schematic definitions, spelling out (in longhand) the precise location of each term within the linguistic matrix and providing a motivational calculus dictating the strict transformational rules for governing how each level meshes with those above or below it. more at:

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