Pause Buttons - Promoting Engagement With 3D Visual Illusions

Democracy is a participatory process, an expression "...of the people, by the people, for the people." But in "Looking at Democracy" we need to stop long enough to become engaged in the process - a certain challenge in a short-attention span world. Enter the Pause Button - a visual information approach which utilizes issue-oriented, 3D visual illusions (aka 2.5D Juxtapositions) to promote engagement. Each 2.5D Juxtaposition combines three content-rich photographs into a composite image, a visual essay. Like puzzles, the resulting 3D illusion is designed to holistically engage both the left and right brain, and simultaneously evokes visceral responses and cognitive engagement. From raising awareness and advocacy about alternative energy, eliminating wasteful practices, homelessness, veterans services, education or food insecurity, the combined visual illusion and content/informational display is designed to give even the most enthusiastic mouse clicker, tablet swiper, or Smartphone tapper a moment of pause complemented by links to Government information resources. Through passive and/or active engagement the Pause Button presents opportunities to learn about issues, share opinions, contribute to crowd-sourced problem-solving, upload content or to continue to voice opinions in exercising free speech, and in the process fulfill the promise and freedoms inherent in a Democracy.

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