Democracy Kaleidoscope

Children in the U.S. are taking social studies classes from K-12. But it is not until the 12th grade where they begin to learn about United States Government.

Democracy Kaleidoscope is the nickname for our upcoming app, specifically designed for the challenge of Looking @ Democracy. The app is about the United States Government with topics in Geography, History, Structure, Democracy and Citizenship. It changes instantly when teachers and students are sharing their thoughts.

This app and its complementary website serve as a platform for schools to create a curriculum that is grade appropriate. Below are the key features that make this app unparalleled to any apps, textbooks, videos, or websites:

  1. It is an app, a website, a curriculum, a slideshow, a kaleidoscope which reflects the children's voices

  2. Teachers and students can work as a team to build new content that is both engaging and unique

  3. This app provides the tools to transform the user's knowledge into a dynamic and interactive lesson. Democracy continues to evolve, and so does the knowledge and the application. Historical documents, audio recordings, images and videos may come and go, becoming obscure or obsolete. Our cloud-based content on the other hand will continue to stimulate the minds, to expand through the timeline, and to innovate and to attract new ideas.

With these feature, our goal is to:

  1. Educate children about the U.S. government and democracy and to understand the citizen’s rights and duties

  2. Empower children in creating the ideal curriculum in learning democracy

  3. Assist children in understanding every aspect of the U.S. government and the history of the democracy

  4. Encourage children to think critically, to apply their knowledge, to analyze and differentiate fact from fiction, to identify problems and to devise solutions

  5. Inspire children to create their ideal government, to build the democracy of the new millennium, to publish and to contribute into the democracy kaleidoscope that reflects their dreams and hopes

Our submission showcases images from the app, as well as the kaleidoscope from our website. The app can be part of the project, and free if we find financial backing for the platform.

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