"You Need All Those People There"

In this short film, 17 jurors from 17 different court cases describe the unexpected, humorous, wrenching, and altogether compelling experience of jury duty.

In the US, the predominant reaction to the court's call is to find an excuse to avoid serving; by contrast, these jurors demonstrate how complex and profoundly human the process of deliberation is. By weaving together these interviews, the film re-animates this undervalued, overlooked democratic institution—an institution that remains historically exceptional and radical in its implications.

A jury by peers constitutes one of the most important features of our legal system. We need to look at it anew to see its invitation as a crucial participatory opportunity.

This cut is a newly remixed excerpt from an earlier 7 minute film exploring these characters and ideas more in-depth. You can see the original work on the same Vimeo channel linked below.

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