What Can You Do?

Our comfort in public often depends on our ability to keep to ourselves and to maintain invisible bubbles around ourselves as we navigate through what has become a fractured, often hostile public space. An invitational work by Brenda Hutchinson, "What Can You Do?" is a celebration and reclamation of the public space through direct interaction among strangers presented as a series of encounters ranging from direct engagement through electronically mediated experience.

Oddly enough, it is NOT about what YOU can do. "What Can You Do?" is also the question to ask other people. Get a friend, go out and try it! Talk to people you don't know and ask them to teach you something. Your role is to either learn to do what they share with you or witness and document it. Post your experience on https://www.facebook.com/whatcanyoudo2012

"Applying Lipstick Without a Mirror" was one of many encounters in Pioneer Courthouse Square in March 2012. Molly Barth was the witness and documenter.

Try it out