Democracy in America

"Democracy in America" is details how the idea of democracy plays a part in the current US government, and suggests ideas on how to improve its role in both society and in the nation.

NOTE: As result of a technicality, the presentation cannot be played as a normal video. As such, I have provided a .zip file of the documents to allow people to view it directly in their browser. The steps are listed here:

  1. Open/extract the .zip file you downloaded.
  2. Click and drag the file that ends with .swf into the address bar of your internet browser (make sure it can play flash files- if you can watch YouTube on it, you are probably fine).
  3. Let the file play for a few seconds (about three) and refresh the page. This prevents the audio from becoming off-sync.

Enjoy! Let it play and it will stop by itself at the end.

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