Vote for a Voice

Especially in large cities, there often is a disconnect between the government and its people. The government cannot be the voice of the people if it cannot engage with the people in any meaningful manner. We need to look to new ways of allowing people to have input into their government, and allowing leaders to listen to the priorities of its people.

Open public meetings, rare referendums, and other established means of reaching out to people are not enough. The meetings are tedious and inaccessible, and do nothing to reach people in any significant numbers, and referendums are too rare and too narrow.

I propose reaching out to people through music - - letting people have a voice while also bringing them together for fun. That will increase the sense of community in even large cities, and give the people a fun, accessible way to have a say in their government.

My plan is to hold regular music events, such as open mics or even talent shows or other concerts. The performers will designate programs that they want to support with their event, and people attending will vote with their money and their numbers. The programs can be various public projects, public-private initiatives, or even charitable programs that benefit the people in the community.

By voting at the events, either with money donated or actual votes taken to determine which programs are the highest priority, the city will learn what its people want, and the people will have a say in their government while coming together for fun. It brings government together with life.

Try it out