Power of Compassion

Since this form doesn't seem to allow audio files, I put together a quick series of mostly abstract images, so that I could upload as a video on youtube, the link is here and below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmDRdnnuaMA

For audio only, here's a link to the song in my dropbox: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/02%20Power%20of%20Compassion-%20final.mp3?w=AAAYNB_4is-bEswUZjH2baPNC-Uq4V72Y3P7G8gfPmFo5g

This song, "Power of Compassion" (which I wrote, sang, performed all instruments, recorded and mixed), addresses the foundation of democracy, which is its people, and the foundation of its people, which is their mindsets. (lyrics below) When you consider most of our society’s ills: prejudice, social/gender inequity, crime, or rampant military spending, they all stem from a lack of compassion and understanding. We can’t just tell people to be more compassionate, but there are several ways that awareness can help to enhance our caring nature, and help to understand the behavior that leads to dysfunction in a collaborative system such as democracy: 1- Being aware that we all have an instinctive brain (fight or flight) that we tend to revert back to when we sense danger. This awareness leads to metacognition. If we’re not aware of this, the instinctive brain acts subconsciously and leads to behavior like tribalism or the belief in the use of force to solve problems. These come into play with those who want to obstruct government.
2- Mindfulness. Studies have shown that simple breathing and visualization can strengthen the connection between the heart and brain (see Heartmath.org), and enhance our intuition. No matter a person’s opinion, if they are more in touch with this higher-order thinking, they will make better, more compassionate decisions. 3- A recent study at UMaine discovered that a short imagined conversation with a “Muslim” person, did wonders to break down prejudices. The problem is most people never have this experience. More engagements like this will lead to greater understanding. Ultimately, to make government more collectively beneficial, we need a global consciousness that reframes the idea of a ‘tribe’ to include all of humanity, and reframes the idea of our home to include all of the earth. This will lead to fewer destructive behaviors, less destructive weather, and a more healthful planet. We can't change everyone, but a ground swell of awareness will lead to the change we need.

The Power of Compassion New intro: When the senate’s down at 55, And the public’s up at 90… Can’t say it’s the system that’s broken, But the evolution of consciousness, We passed a million years in the span of 10, Can’t go back now, Can’t go back to that reptilian brain, Where more guns are better Can’t go back to that mammalian brain, where “who is that man, he doesn’t look like me” “who is that man, he doesn’t kiss like me” For democracy to work, Only one way up, yeah Think with your heart, breathe through your heart, Gaia will thank you, And you will have the power of compassion, And you will have the power of compassion. Sax: Verse: Yeah, play with a deck-full, to be successful, Use this brain, not that brain Use this brain, not that brain, Use this brain, not that brain, I tell you where it starts, it starts with your heart, To truly be smart, yeah, think with your heart, Saxes: Chorus:
‘Cause your heart holds the power of compassion, In your heart lies the power of compassion. Repeat: Sax / A thinking heart makes you stronger, You just might live a little longer, And if you share it with the nation, That’s called civilization. Interlude:
Bridge: No matter what you intend to do, yeah, Your higher self should be there with you, yeah, Sax- Repeat Chorus In your heart lies the power of compassion. Yeah, your heart holds the power of compassion,
Sax- short ending

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