It Only Takes a Few Voices...

WINNER: Emerging Artists / Honorable Mention


A 23-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter thinks it's time to improve our democracy by taking the money out of politics, creating term limits, and amending the constitution.

“A deceptively simple folk song sung in front of an American Flag makes a strong call for collective action.” - Looking@Democracy judge Wendy Levy

Lyrics: Did you hear about that bill for gun control? It got shot down though it did well in the polls. Maybe our representatives need to remember their roles as the voices of the people they stand for. I think an amendment should be made, expand the rep's terms to 4 years, stop their endless campaigning and a member of congress should only get 3 terms in office, term limits are awesome.

See, if they couldn't run again they'd make braver votes, wouldn't be so afraid to listen to normal folks. It'd cut down on corruption don't you know- maybe then we could fix some problems.

Cuz we're not perfect but maybe we could change if we all work together and try to be brave it only takes a few voices to start a song so come on, won't you sing along? It only takes a few voices to start a song, so come on, won't you sing along?

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