American Vision

WINNER: First Place for Best Entry

FIRST PLACE FOR BEST ENTRY: “American Vision” by Destiny Galindo

In American Vision, a recent high school graduate lays down some rhymes and a pithy critique of government as it is in an engaging music video and challenges her generation and fellow Americans to create a government as it should be.

“’American Vision’ is a powerful and poetic call to action for the next generation -- it is a breathtaking manifesto tinged with optimism, anger, frustration and hope.” - Looking@Democracy judge Wendy Levy.

"Who would imagine that a 17 year old Latina from Arizona could rap about democracy and make you want to dance and feel inspired about voting and civic engagement? That is the nature of our democracy-it is renewed when people are given a voice. Destiny Galindo is a true artist and a voice for our democracy that has risen from the New American Mainstream. Que inspiracion!" - Looking@Democracy judge Maria Hinojosa

“’American Vision’ demonstrates that young people are engaged and alert to the challenges facing our nation. Destiny Galindo is a democracy advocate with a contemporary voice and sound. Plus, she can actually flow!” - Looking@Democracy judge Kevin Coval

“American Vision” Lyrics:

black on black * white on white * gray on gray

Generation of my time relevant in every way * We growin' up and we learnin' * Government's what I'm concerned in * Like how much as a country we is earning * Put together a plot, catch up on some things * By choice or not, we all on the same team * So hey why not, what you say * Y'all willing to fix what's not okay * Y'all willing to stand up for your ways * First things first is y'all that brave * Second thing second let me concentrate * 'cause I've got a lot that I've gotta evaluate (Uhhhhhh)

With the government up-top you gotta pay attention * You had the chance to vote, there's no reason y'all should be second guessing * Lot of questions in democracy * Will working together end poverty * 'Cause it seems like the rich just tryna' get richer * Seems like the poor people just dyin' quicker * Fed up with all of it Way of like we don't acknowledge it * Higher powers like what's wrong with it * One united nation but we constantly debating on * Whether or not we should work together * Come to think what it would be like * Future perspectives should be better * So my generation is you ready to ride * Ready for life 'cause y'all need to think * Governments all uptop * Everybody's coming together I keep hearing 'bout this nonstop * And I'm so excited 'cause it's for the better * Creation of a system that appears more clever * Hope that y'all get this message * 'cause I know that y'all is young and reckless * I pledge allegiance to the flag * That I will play my own part * Vote when the time comes around * Keeping my perspectives out the dark * Ms. Government * Mr. President

  • Ms. Congress * Mr. Equivalent Separation of powers * Got different branches in different towers * Different mindsets of every hour * Trying to come to an agreement * No wonder it seems our government's sour * No other human here has higher power * Unspoken years we've spent of ours

Government Government * Can you hear me now, and I loud enough * Is you standing proud, knowing we holding you up * Taking us for granted, just one vote can have you vanished * Just one vote can change our planet * Surprised that it hasn't happened * This world is they reaction * We a part of the reason they slackin' * We've got a voice, We've got a choice * And I've committed to making this point * Life is what you make it Not the government's job to save it * The thing upon democracy is it's only what we've created * And I hope, that America can pull it together and fly up * Find some type of balance We don't need war, we got children poor * But still you insist y'all need more * So y'all taxing us, and I'm all about it * Give a little here, give a little there * But government let me see your salary Let me see what you're making * How much do you give from your paycheck? * I make minimum wage, and I'm up for days * Just trying to make a living * Taking more than y'all giving * This isn't no government's prison * And I'm fed up and I'm done with it * This is my American Vision (hey)

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