The Loom of Democracy

America is at a heartbreaking moment in its history. Deep divisions along social, political and economic lines have pushed many to withdraw into corrosive cynicism. Our visions laid by our forefathers of equality, justice, and happiness lie in direct tension with the realities we face today.

Indeed, this tension creates a tragic gap between our aspirations and our realities. Rather than retreat from it, however, can we learn to see this tension as a life-giving force? Can we stand in the tragic gap, where on the one hand, we see the hard realities of war, division, and injustice; and on the other side, we see real-world possibilities, possibilities of peace, unity, and sharing?

In this video, we explore this act of 'reframing' through the metaphor of the loom. We conceive the genius of American democracy in its design to hold the tension of our disagreements and differences to keep us talking with each other and giving us chance after chance to reweave the fabric of our common life.

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