Party Toons

A successful concept like a well-told joke depends on timing. Party Toons, our innovative yet simple concept, is ahead of its time, hopefully just in the nick of time, and, perfectly timed.

As the first television program to combine political stand-up humor with current, fully animated editorial cartoons, Party Toons is as innovative as it is simple. Thanks to advances in animation software, the best of today's two-dimensional editorial cartoons, from both the left and the right, can and will be transformed into broadcast quality animation remarkably quickly and affordably.

While our concept is ahead of its time, Party Toons' inauguration will be not a moment too soon. In the last 25 years the numbers of editorial cartoonists have plummeted, due to declining newspaper readership and escalating media consolidation, from over 200 full-time editorial cartoonists to less than 60. As troubling as that is for the editorial cartoonists, it is even more troubling for America. Our democracy isn't just richer because of a free and vibrant press and a lively exchange of political views; our democracy is dependent on these freedoms, these rights. But there's no guarantee that editorial cartoonists will continue to engage and inform Americans in the important political issues of the day. As a weekly half-hour, nationally televised show, Party Toons will shine a desperately needed spotlight on these talented guardians of our democracy.

And what an ideal time to inaugurate our funny, political show. Between Barack Obama's unprecedented rise to power and the equally unprecedented challenges he now faces, interest in the state of our nation is unquestionably strong. This heightened interest sets the stage for Party Toons, our innovative television political comedy program.

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