Political Mobile Application "PICO"

: Patent pending Mobile application and website (hereinafter “application”) devoted to making politics easier for users to understand, providing easy access to publically available records (e.g in particular voting records and case decisions), analysis of political figures and Judges, and a mobile/online voting and polling system. Users will be able to “follow” various politicians, judges, and other elected/ruling officials (hereinafter “officials”) at an international, national, regional, and local level. Officials will be suggested to the user via the use of location services and user provided data. Officials will have their own page; this page will feature a single or multiple graphs showing where the officials lie on a political spectrum or graph and graph for the “trustworthiness” of the official. The official’s page will also contain their recent votes on legislation/case decisions, the official’s close contacts (co-sponsors of bills, similar voting records, similar beliefs/graphs, campaign donors…), and links to articles on other websites/mobile apps that relate specifically to the political figure. This application will also focus on legislation and case analysis. Official’s vote on legislation and/or decisions on cases will affect their respective graphs. Users can also search through legislation and/or legislation may be suggested to the user by means of the user providing their key interests (e.g. gun control, immigration, gay marriage…). This application will feature a mobile/online secure voting service. The applications will also feature pages for political groups such as a page for Republicans and a page for Democrats. Users will have the option to complete various polls. Specific polls can be made available to users that are only located in a particular area via location services. Various incentives may be provided for users to complete polls and provide other data.

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